Detachable Fronted SSB Radio “No Time Soon”

There has been many questions infact the subject doesn’t really die via the contact form and the answer I’m afraid is the same as before. There “was” talk about this and now it is silent so don’t expect anything soon. If it would happen it will be sure Qixiang and they are now busy with the Apollo II and other stuff and it’s not even on the radar for them.

What I’ve learned is we all wish for things that will not come, what I’d like isn’t what someone else will like and so onwards. Bread and Butter radios that pay the bills are AM/FM I say this now almost weekly. SSB is a luxury and why make something to release st €299 when people will say “I can get an Anytone for €130” and that’s the answer really.

Never say never I guess as there is one Korean company looking at this idea, they told about it in February and still nothing concrete since April onwards.

Will it, Won’t it? Time will tell

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