President Antenna Portfolio USA & Canada

As we know January 1st saw the introduction to President returning to the USA and along with this some radios such as the Johnson II USA, Johnny II USA and of course the much anticipated McKinley USA which was shown in the earlier part of the year before the MATS (Mid America Truck Show) and will be the standard all the other SSB radios Preisdent bring will be judged by.

Many ask me why I say “the standard all further SSB radios will be judged by in USA” The answer is dual fold

A) It’s the first SSB with the President Electronics USA stamp, FCC approved, Uniden made! Let’s see how the radio is.

B) If you start with something that isn’t superb then going forwards you’ll be judged by the first one. President were judged on the first series Lincoln II, but now in V3 have you tried it and seen that it works well? Or did the first impressions count and so never went and got the latest version? But what is different is President showed it in mock up / prototype which is unheard since the company began. You’ve got to be sure it’s good to do that.

Now below is an introduction to President antennas for the USA and Canada marketplace video which shows them. 10 year warranty so cannot be all bad. And no matter whether like them or don’t like them President make some top class antennas that work really quite well in Europe. As always the blog is open to any USA users of the antennas. Send me a contact message and I’m happy to feature any of the videos on the blog.

” Tested on roads in Europe at 150MPH (EU=242KPH ) so you can feel good about it on one of your trucks ” I  don’t endorse this, it’s forbidden in most countries, plus mentioning MPH it would seem this test was UK! It’s not permitted in UK but allowed on some certain highways in Germany. I guess President don’t endorse you breaking local laws to test the claims either.

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