*Exclusive* President Confirm New “UP” Ultra Power Magnetic Bases

​A few days ago a video was released which showed a super slim magnetic base. It was on the President USA antenna video. So we’ve been in contact with President Iberica who manufacture the antennas and now we’ve some news about them. Below is the latest news about the bases which are soon to be released to the market as was stated in the videos earlier

It appears there will be several versions of the UP base which will include a smaller version for the smaller series of antennas from President and a bigger version for the larger antennas. Below courtesy of President Iberica are some photos.

On the left the new smaller profile magnetic base and on the right the old version.

Above is a video (c) Groupe President Electronics Balaruc / President Iberica which shows the load tests on the new UP magnetic bases. The video is used with there permission.

The traction indications are in KG (Kilograms) for those interested

A big thank you to President for supplying so much information about this product. It was a fortunate find to see the video on the USA website, and below for those who didn’t see it is the video which shows the new base featured on a President Texas 1800 Power

This article is reposted due to an error which saw some of the scheduled posts delete after they were released. Sorry for the trouble related to this matter. Moral of story is keep looking and sometimes you find something new.

The “UP” Technology is a President World Wide Design Patent.

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