Avanti Primo 4/20w, President Liberty Mike & President Virginia Antenna 1190RON / €264*

Seems another good CB deal on the cards from statiiradiocb in Bacau Romania whose offering the Avanti Primo which is loosely based on the same chassis as the CRT Megapro and Stabo 4006e comes with a full package of antenna and cordless Mike for €264 which seems not a bad deal. The Primo in 20w is only FM and in 4w is full EU norms with both AM/FM enabled.

Nice to see some deals coming along. Dealers are welcome to write and if have something to add then I will do it here. Seems these days it’s Poland, Romania, United States of America the most popular areas to write. Seems the UK is on the decline like many write to me. Guess if no free trade deal and import charges will occur for radios will make it harder. It’s sad as the UK was always current with CB radio but now seems left behind, too many forums, too much keyboard and only few really with the passion that it all started with in the late 1970’s

*Price of today’s exchange rate

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