Blackbox-Base Dual-Band UHF VHF Radio

Something else interesting that landed by email which reminded me of the Slovakian Baofeng 888 which was enclosed in a base for operation at home. Now from the USA comes I guess a Baofeng UV-5r wrapped into a base station situation. More details are below

And the information:

eBay Item Number: 361618999629

– 4W Transmit Power

– Narrowband

– 128 Channels

– Dual Band & Display.

– 136-174 MHz VHF,

– 400-480 MHz UHF

– Repeater Capable

– 1 Watt Audio Output

– PC Programmable

– Keypad Programmable

– Backlit LCD Display

– Power-On Display Message


– Audible Button Sounds

– Voice Prompts

Simple one-press UHF / VHF swap

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