CB President Teddy + Antena CB President Virginia + President Liberty Mike 899 RON / €199*

Another offer from the same company as the Avanti Primo and that is this time a good start up packet I’d say for someone new to CB radio and wanting to get on the air. Not sure whether it is the “Murata” edition of the radio but the other details are the same with the Liberty cordless microphone and the popular Virginia pre-tuned antenna for the CEPT FM band which is legal in Romania. Take a listen on channel 22 when the conditions are working as this is the mobile channel in Romania.

In the past there has been a lot of talk of shall we say “junk packages” where you get a good radio but a useless antenna but the price is cheap. Better is to pay a decent price and get all decent stuff. Why for example pay €110 for a radio and €12 for an antenna when it maybe does not work so well and gives you an initial poor experience of the hobby. Better invest well first and enjoy the results.

*Price at time of publication and exchange rate based on the day

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