SSB Contest Day 2 Sunday

Sunday was a good start as sunshine and blue skies. Temperature mod 20’s and second location was fine just some dog training going on in the field. Antenna choice today was the President Dakota a used eBay find on the chunky magnet. SWR was perfect 1:1 from 26965-27600 and topped out 1:8 on 27.999 while on 26:400 was 1:9 so good bandwidth

Today decided to call on channel 39 (27:395 USB) as conditions were open and breakthrough on AM/FM were strong. All international and absolutely nothing locally.

1AT586 Franco in Scicily, Catania

1AT519 Giuseppe in Scicily

328SD101 Georges Karlobag Croatia

Adding these to my total it makes 1296.4km overall km worked. All on video if evidence needed. Good fun, hard with poor conditions but the fun is in taking part and having a go.

Antenna Results:

Sirio Performer 2000: 2x France

President Dakota: 2x Italy and 1x Croatia

Tomorrow trying again the Stryker but it grabbed attention on Day1 so we try another spot tomorrow and run it again.

Next year SSB Contest 2017 count me in. It’s great to use 12w and see what can be done.. Now just wait for 2017

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One thought on “SSB Contest Day 2 Sunday

  1. Cool … was also in qso with franco hehehe 🙂 but on chan 37 … 39,40 was not for hndx ssb contest – cause its for repeaters! Lost also a qso to spain for my log this way … We did qsy on 40 and i realised it to late … Was lot of fun here in germany ! Static mobile with my selfmade coaxantenna on 814m. I did in sum over 5000. Log with some audios on my webpage


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