MGE Kit Hotspot Repeater Simplex DMR/D-Star Plug & Play

Something new from Italy this time and €189.90 worth of D-Star repeater. I’m a little green on this as have never used it but will supply the information below and it’s available from Mediaglobe and the information came via an email a little while ago.

Kit for the creation of digital amateur radio hotspot voip Dmr / A-star / C4FM. 

This hotspot, is a mini repeater operated by open source MMDVM (Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem), which runs on Debian Jessie platform with Raspberry PI 3 . 

Hotspots runs in simplex mode, with DVMega radio module, 10mv max power, which supports major voIP amateur radio digital systems (exclusively MMDVM software). 

the real novelty of this kit is the easy approach for radio operator voip DMR system connected to Brandmeister Italian network, for its full and prompt scheduling with your ID’s (CCS7) and names of radio operator that will be supplied by you at the time of purchase.

The hotspot kit, is composed of the following the latest hardware:
– Model B Raspberry PI 3 
– DV Mega RPI single UHF band 10mw 

– Micro SD 16Gb Kingston 

– Houses DvMega RPI power cable and UHF antenna not included.


All information via Mediaglobe Email

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