President Grant II v President Grant II Premium (Again Again Again)

Nicholas D from the Wirral has sent me a link to a video where it shows two Grants side by side. Will this saga never end I wonder? This video I understand is featured on another blog, so I’ll not add much to the statement that some had noise, some had none. Myself I’ve proved this with a no noise Grant II in Germany was an S9 noise here. A UK noisy one quiet here.

It was really a matter of some had and some not. I’ve explored all ways with these radios so much that I cannot explain more. To try and prove points I’ve bought from Germany, Poland, eBay, swapped with a German one and tested all I could really. In excess of €1500 on radios. I’ve wrote open notes to Uniden here, to President all have seen it there is nothing hidden my thoughts.

President Grant II Initial Release I’ve got 1 with noise and 1 without

President Grant II Second release (meaning with SSB active in uk mode) it was an eBay one from the UK and is silent 

President Grant II Initial release from Tim (13DA419) was noise free at his home, and S7 all modes here. And an S9 noise here was S0 with him if my memory is right.

President Grant II Premium Initial Release One S9 all modes

President Grant II Premium Low Noise actually the noise level is S1/S3 so a lot less

And when all used mobile there is absolutely no noise at all on any of the radios here

My conclusion was in the end that some were better than others. But we all live different lives, different locations and this did seem to prove that point. Just today a repair guy sent me an email where he now gets Grant II’s for sale and there is almost no cooling on the components (stuff they use to seal the components to the side of the board, white in colour) This was from the UK and then I see a video sent to me from Arizona where the Uniden 980 comes fresh from the box with the same issue. Seems that it is common as two people two continents have the same issue? But remember these people also earn from repairs and modifications too so can’t be taken 100% face value, there has to be two sides of the story.

U.K. Video First:

There is no noise blanker on either radio, and I’d say seems man made by some of the sounds as heard similar on other videos online. I’d like to see another video with 1 radio same and a different one. But it isn’t good!

Link from Poland: 

Link from USA below:

The video shows the final, but no matter watch 1 or 12 videos the same thing is mentioned. There is no bullshit here, Uniden appears to have had some issues, whether it be due to Vietnam related or not! Uniden has 50 years of design in Tokyo Japan, excellent engineers as the years have proved with other radios..  So ask makers and resellers directly? Neither am I a customer service for either.

It’s shown here all videos people send me, not biased to or against. The name Grant II was sullied by these noise issues, but I can tell you frankly I receive many many messages telling me there is nothing bad with the radio, many have no issues and go sit in Poland or near Poland like me last week and you hear them on air, or via sporadic e.

Some have, some not! I’m 50% sure it’s location based, 30% Uniden / Radio Related 10% Antenna 10% Unknown

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