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Several mails about the demise and up for sale website of the CRE8900. Guess that it’s end of the line for this popular radio. I’ve been asked for the software and below will post a link to the version 3.1 software for the latter firmwared version of the radio and hope it helps.

The popular alternative to the Lincoln II seems comes to end of life after its sold out. But who knows what would come in its place. But now the software links:

CRE 8900 v3.1 Software:

CRE 8900 v3.0 Software: (Never tried it, just advised its 3.0)

What’s going to happen next? That’s another story I guess…..

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  1. I had one a great radio, but had two faults if you were not looking directly from the front of the radio you could not see the display , and in bright sun shine you saw nothing these little faults could have been sorted before it was sent into the public. but apart from that a good radio , that’s why I got crt ss9900 it can be seen from any angle and even in bright light I would have kept it except for the faults the lad that has it now uses it as a base radio so no probs there


  2. Once the DR-135UK became available in the UK, the CRE virtually disappeared off the planet. It’s a nice solidly built rig (okay, not like Lincoln I, but no radios are anymore), easy to program the frequencies without the dealer having to do mods to allow export mode and it is Din size, so is great for car fitting.


    • Thanks for the news. Two guys from uk asked me for the software and told me the website has died. I always thought it needed less busy signal meter but I’ve as DR135UK got it on eBay for £90 and seems to work really quite ok. Will not last 10 years I guess but it appears OK to use


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