CRT September? Or October

So the latest news is that the radio could and this is told with a massive COULD be available during late September into early October. Although not confirmed I hope that this, along with the same timeline I guess for Avanti, Stryker, Team and others will end the speculation that comes via my email that the radio will be out end of July. It’s still in the process so we all need to wait still.

It seems almost amazing that the first time I tried the radio was in January, but there have been changes, modifications, ideas swapped with resellers and add to this that Qixiang are busy with many clients then the delay is obvious. So as most resellers have holidays during July and August and the shipping time from Asia to Europe for example is around 30 days then you can add the timeline yourselves. And no there are no plans for the radio to come with SSB. There are higher power versions, amateur versions, 12/24v versions but SSB then not coming.

Please keep watching for the latest news, when they have it will be featured on there page. And if you are sure 100% your going to buy one then you can order the Mike adapter online for example from eBay or konektor5000 in Poland as the Mike writing is the same as with the CRT7900 / Anytone AT-5555n

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