Greece With 12watts On SSB Stryker SR-A10 Antenna 

Good location and poor conditions don’t add up to great long distance contacts and this was the case on the video below, the initial contact with the Stryker SR-A10. The station was Dimitris 18RC113 but truly conditions were some of the worst (common these days) so still a good contact considering its 12watts and poor conditions in the grand scheme of things

Rumour has it this antenna could be on its way across the pond. I’d say check the usual suspects for the sale of the antenna, namely check Radiozing and or maybe Avera in the Netherlands.

In August I’m going to try again when there is a few hours in the weekend for calling on air, but must say the bandwidth and the low noise level on receive is nice with the antenna as is the bandwidth. Needs a bigger and better magnet but that can be resolved easily.

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