August August August

The picture below sums up August pretty much. Resellers such as CRT France, President, Albrecht, Stabo and some factories have cancelled the milk, got there cats adopted for the month and dropped the blinds for summer holidays! But we’ve got some scoops ahead for the month ahead.

So on the radio side it’s going to be a quiet month. The only new stuff that I can talk about is the new CRT P7-LCD PMR Radio that’s going to make its appearance during September, it’s 50/50% on the 12/24v CRT 2000 coming to market but maybe it does as they’ll get a shipment of PMR radios? From the same factory.  Guessing and means nothing. Team Electronics in Frankfurt maybe will receive there 12/24v Expert1 based on same chassis as the CRT. Stryker seems the busiest with the AT-6666 chassis based 447HPC2 & SR-94HPC the latter will be high powered and should kick some ass on AM (Apollo II platform) President Electronics no news of anything new. There could be the McKinley USA (Estimate $299) which is advertised as September otherwise guess the new magnetic bases and that’s about all. But generally it’s really slow season.

It’s going to be a 120 day month for slowness for sure…. But some scoops come now and then where possible.

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