CRT Megapro V Stabo XM4006e

Sometimes it really amazes me that I need to defend in some cases those who won’t comment about stuff online and in forums. And this time it comes as many people (mostly in the UK) tell me that the CRT Megapro and I use there words is identical shit to the XM4006e. Same errors, same board, same everything and just the name is different. Below is the reality.

First of all as we know the CRT is dual voltage and the Stabo is a simple 12v radio. And now let us show first the Stabo and the. Follows on with the CRT.

Below is the CRT and as you can see the radios are really not identical

Photos are (c) and Herr Markus Neuner


So, when you think you know something that you don’t then best not to comment. The radio maybe is indeed “based” on the original QX chassis but the fact and the reality shows that when you take off the cover the radio isn’t the same. I hope now the emails stop as the reality is plain for all to see.

CRT are subscribers here although now on holidays as is much of the CB world. Like with any CB company if they want to add or tell any of there alterations it’s of course up to them. The blog is open for all to say, to moan or to simply say they like.

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3 thoughts on “CRT Megapro V Stabo XM4006e

  1. Sorry Simon, but they look identical to me. The only difference is that the CRT has a secondary transformer added to cover 24v. It would be easier if the radios were orientated the same way, but even mentally, taking note of parts of the PCB, inverting 180 in my head, I can see there is no difference to the actual board itself.


    • I understand via email the processor is different, the firmware is not the same and some components and values are not the same. CRT information based on some comments the CRT had bad audio same as the Stabo? Needs be tested side by side and that’s not a job for me


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