Nice To Hear A Madison On Air!

Conditions were not so bad and allowed a contact into Lausanne in Switzerland the station Jumbo. What was nice about the contact was he was using the President Madison a radio from my youth. And this time from my side was the SR-89MC and Antron 99 antenna.

As the video states was with the Sadelta Echo Master Plus. Sounded real nice although the junk camera and sound from it maybe does not show the real sound.

From my side was last minute set up as only home few minutes

Stryker SR-89MC in Multi EU Format (oldest version) 4 watts, Antron 99 on 6ft steel pipe

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3 thoughts on “Nice To Hear A Madison On Air!

  1. Hi there,
    I think i was able to listen in to this connection (Approx. 11:25?, sat 13.8.16), even though i heard only simon.
    Reception good(s3-s5), with sporadic interruptions on Autobahn cross Stuttgart, germany.
    I used an Albrecht 1/4 Magnet Socket antenna on my car with an Albrecht ae6110.



    • Hi Rolf. Yes your correct on time exactly. You see my radio was old version SR89mc and antenna Antron99. Thank you for writing it is great to know i could be heard in Stuttgart.


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