Harico IC-7000 136-174 / 400-520Mhz

News landed from the 409 shop in Hong Kong about this new radio that they are selling for $59.90 including shipping at the moment. They’ve detailed to me the cross and repeater function so I’m going to copy paste it below as easiest way to explain it is direct from them.


T1. Before using cross band repeater function, you should turn on this function via programming software, please kindly note that you should read data from radio first when you program it.
2. Turn on the cross band repeater via programming software –> Optional function –> Cross band repeater –> On.
3. If you want to turn on/off cross band repeater function by menu 11, please set via programming software –> Optional function –> Cross band repeater manual setting –> On, then you can turn it on/off in the menu 11.
4. Note: when you use this function, please do not make transmitting frequency as 3 times of receiving frequency, or vice versa, eg. TX one = 145.025MHz and RX = 435.075MHz or RX one = 145.025MHz and TX = 435.075MHz will cause radios to transmit all the time, even you turn off the radios, in this case, please just press PTT and change the frequency, radio will work properly, so please avoid to use such frequencies.

Photo (c) 409Shop

Link to there advert where more is explained: http://tinyurl.com/gtwznba

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