President McKinley USA “Around Thanksgiving”

I’m answering here on the blog for those who’ve asked me about the McKinley USA that was exclusively seen at the Mid America Truck Show earlier this month. The latest news is expect the radio in November and the retail price point is the same $299 as shown online.

Must be the reason for holidays the delay, but nothing strange as the guideline was September whilst all President businesses close in August for holidays. So keep the money sitting tight and it’ll sure come along. This is sure a cutie but “rumour” is that maybe it doesn’t show itself in the EU as an EU multi norm version. SSB use is niche inside Europe and President have Grant II Premium, Jackson II and Lincoln II so is there need for a fourth SSB radio?

I like the rounded digits like those on pc787, like its 12/24v would be good in EU for SSB radio, also like the layout. But I’d change the Roger bleep for something different as its getting old now, board noise free. But if it don’t come then it’s all hot air.

So Gary, Brad, Mitch, Robert, Doug, Hank, Paul, James and others I think it’ll come November… Remember if made in September it takes 3/4 weeks sea and swimming to get across to the USA and then add time to dealers and November it is..

Wait still continues…….

But things can change and comes sooner, that’s what makes radio interesting. Nothing appears when you think it should!

Already asked at a dealer in USA whose prepared supply EU customers so maybe we are in luck to see small quantity inside EU. Yes just AM/SSB but ultimately that’s all you need?

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