President Grant II FM/SSB Power “Non Premium”

Due to many searches and also emails asking me I’ll again mention the same as the other times when it’s asked about the power of these radios. Rule of thumb this radio will make around 4/7w FM and 9/15w SSB after that you’ll have issues with heat, reliability and the harmonic you’ll make won’t be too special. If want to make more please buy an RM linear or other.

Bearing this in mind I was prompted to a 2014 Grant II on eBay and the words he used on his listing which sums it all up

This radio is doing 10 watts FM and 20 SSB and gets very warm in a short time 

This radio would benefit from a service or a heatsink

So bear that in mind when asking me 

“Simon mate, which trimmer gets my Grant II upto 25w” or this beauty 

“Uniden F’ed up my radio it just make 13w I need at least 20w”

To see the Grant II which gets hot: eBay item number 182250404411

Need more vaaa vaaa voom get a linear, that’s it! Simple as that really.. Be smart and don’t be a screwdriver twisting Google trained CB engineer, if need more power get an amplifier, buy a HF set but if need 20w the standard non premium G2 isn’t for you. Plain & Simple!!

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2 thoughts on “President Grant II FM/SSB Power “Non Premium”

  1. He was right when he said President F’ked up his radio. They did that by putting a single IRF520 as a pa, when virtually all other manufacturers put twin IRF520’s in their radios.

    See how much I pay (retail) from a reputable supplier for the newer improved IRF520NPBF.

    They cost me £3.50 inc VAT and next day delivery by courier for four of them. I know it is a little more involved that just adding a second PA in, but not that much. That is why people can’t understand the low power. I can’t think of any 10/11m multimode these days that uses a single IRF520.


    • Hm, it’s not so easy to explain a big final in a legal radio. I think yes they were conservative in the way it was done but also right. Legal SSB radios most use Anytones, Kenwoods, CRT, Optimas and others and all not legal. Yesterday I spoke to a guy on legal SSB in UK and he told I’m running an FT-897D and KL500 amp?

      How to explain during homologation I’m using these two IRF-520 on a 12w legal SSB radio. The radio is now deleted, just premium left so it isn’t important.


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