CB Radio Community Growing Again!! HNDX Germany

The HNDX Group are again shaking the radio community. First there are contests for AM/FM/SSB, the list of users in Germany, bringing CB radio on air in CB related shows and more than that being on air from hills, houses, islands. It’s the “being on air” that’s best

Below I’ll link an article which was published in the “Heillbronner Stimme” which was an interview with Mirco from the HNDX Group.

As we know, and myself with contact to the President of the ECBF that “CB is under attack” and for all those who thinks it’s safe, grab a coffee or red-bull it is under attack and it’s the fact. You all fought for AM and SSB and now what? Sit on asses and loose it?

The link is here to the article which you can translate: http://tinyurl.com/zxnvv4x

I know from Sven from HNDX there are now in excess of 800 who’ve signed up as users of CB in Germany. Not done it then head over to http://www.hndx.de and get signed up!

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