Superstar 3900EU “New In UK” *Updated*

So a new Superstar comes (again) and this time locked to the CEPT band with 4w/12w so legal norms respected. Some are already hysterical in export its 24-29Mhz and 35w SSB but to kill the hype today it’s in no way the radio that I’ve discussed today called the “+” That’s altogether different. 3900EU will have facility for external frequency counter and appears to be Malaysia manufactured.

Apparently this above picture is of the new radio that will come and they’ve a glossy and shiny website at with Sharmans & Nevada as two mentioned resellers.

What’s glamorous about a radio locked to CEPT? People moan enough already about radios that don’t have the UK40 channels on them so why are people are excited about this radio? Plus analogue and need external counter as without it then it’s fun finding a zero ending frequency.

Seven emails from Uk already. Thanks Peter, Shaun, Steve, Andrew K and others who’ve told me Anytone Killer, Ends President In UK, Old style brilliance is coming back and other comments. But what about the times the same people moaned about leaving it on 20 minutes to stop drifting, poor audio, splatter, low power as one final. Is it going to be so new or just a old radio with a new EU name? Congratulations to those involved as another new radio on sale is a good thing not a bad one.

Keep checking there website for news.

And Delboys Radio has the very first photo of it, thank you Stan for sending it me!!


Looks identical to old ones to me with a 6 position band switch as a DIMMER? UK40 via an EPROM can be fitted. Radiozing already sell the 3900 with Eprom.  And by fitting an eprom the CE approval is gone too. It’s blah blah I think more than anything else.

What have I missed with this one? Can it be 35w export and 24-29Mhz?? I don’t see it? Or am I just blind to how it is different.

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    • Covers MIDS from the box 26965-27405 AM/FM/SSB

      Export Modified covers 27601 till 27851 in one band with KC shift in the minus and 27861-27991 in the next band

      Or have UK EPROM fitted from one of there centres that can do it and covers 1-40 in channelised mode I’d suggest



  1. it has A B C D E F which tells me its can be exported just from a casual look also on nevadas site it says it can exported to cover more bands so the answer is yes it can cover 11/10 meters at least


  2. i hope there better then the last 3 I had they were awful lots of prod drift all over the place and no uk 40 unless you work on them, sorry not for me Simon and the good mate I send them to and give them to is Chris the hulk he said there were a mess.


    • Do you know us this a different one or same with extra print?
      I’m told it is “all new” but seems the same as the other almost.
      Hope your well?


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