*World Exclusive* Anytone Apollo II H Release Version

So as promised here is a small look at the release version of the much awaited Anytone Apollo II from Qixiang. This version is the simple 12 volt version and features as the name implies H power and is also sold for the Ham band of 10 metres from 28000-29700

Well they’ve changed the way export is carried out since January and now have adopted new idea which I managed to guess after a few minutes and although not difficult the way it behaves afterwards you need to look at the option before resetting it.

Power has changed considerably and the microphone still uses the RJ45 for connection so those living in Germany have Markus at Neuner for the adapter as it is the same as the AT-5555n and for those everywhere else you’ve Konektor 5000 in Łodz Poland and also KAMSAT who sells in eBay from the UK.

CB Mode

HAM Mode


So all that you need to look at. It’ll be on the antenna later but not at home, bad weather at the moment for antennas so will be looked at later. Insides are also a little different than the January 2016 version but a product cycle is a long and very winding road.

The board is now 20160415 stamped for those who will be interested.

Like with all radios there are disclaimers: There will be no SSB version as nobody wants to invest into it. If you ask 4 resellers and 1 says yes and 3 no then you carry all costs alone and not anybody wants to do it. So when you say you’d buy it if it had SSB remember the resellers didn’t want it and that’s why it isn’t being done. Market dictates that people want AM/FM mostly as that is what sells. But feel free to make contact to CRT France, Stryker USA, Team Germany and others and try persuade them to make an SSB version. I’ve tried in China since October 2015 with this model and really it isn’t wanted. Money, Money and Money the reason.

More soon…. Now we can expect this radios other family members from CRT and Team, but with 12/24v dual voltage

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2 thoughts on “*World Exclusive* Anytone Apollo II H Release Version

  1. Looks reasonable, compact and with a decent power output. But, and I know you have already covered why, without SSB, it will never be a big seller in the UK. And I’m not sure why they have included 10m, because there is very little use of AM & FM, it is nearly all SSB. And the only people that can use 10m, are licensed Amateurs and I doubt very much they would buy a rig that didn’t have SSB.

    It needs to be brought in under the Anytone brand and marketed at a sensible price by some of the European dealers. If CRT sell it, it will be 50% more, just to have their lettering printed on it. Price will be key.


    • That is how it is. CRT will sell the 12/24v version so no 40 watts the same with Team as the Expert1. Only Stryker, Anytone and Avanti will have the high power version.

      SSB I’ve wrote why and same was yesterday when I asked about it. Nobody wants to invest, but think these will sell USA and other spots SSB isn’t so key to sales.


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