CRT2000 On Video “rU Mode”

Below is a video from the CRT 2000 but I think it’s a last sample or pre-release version as just a CRT front sticker on box, same no serial on top of radio and no brand name above the screen. So it appears same idea as my Apollo II H which came almost a similar box etc.

CRT 2000 will come multi EU norms with dual voltage 12/24v and detachable microphone and optional Bluetooth and optional PC programming which allows programming of Roger Bleeps, re allocation of the buttons to different formats. Electret microphone and for people in Germany ( for the adapter for microphone. In Poland ( and in the UK KAMSAT.

And what’s excellent to see the radio is in export mode as shows the 4/8w power which this dual voltage 12/24v can achieve.

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