Anytone Apollo II “Inside Look”

Many have asked for a photo of the inside of the radio and your patience has been rewarded. Below is the inside including the 3x 13N10 for all to see. Also you’ll see a white wire but it doesn’t do what you suspect. But for those who wanted the photos it down below

Enjoy the photo and there will be more to come later when enough time

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6 thoughts on “Anytone Apollo II “Inside Look”

  1. Front Left hand side,thinks that’s the DC-DC convertor for other model,can see silk screen box.
    X2 10.695MHZ xtal IF filters that’s excellent maybe better rejection?
    LK4 looks interesting?
    Spare FPC connector front left,CTCSS\DCS\DTMF decoder\encoder option?
    Shield missing on RF PA section??

    Looks ok to me


  2. This transceiver has SSB mode …. Otherwise, how do you explain the existence of TIP36C. Availing a written cone hat “silly” Simon? If I’m wrong, put a picture of me using it on my blog.


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