Yaesu M1 60th Anniversary Edition

Not so long face we’ve shown here a video tha included the M1 microphone from Yaesu that showed the EQ function etc. Now from the USA I’ve been informed about the M1 “60th Anniversary Edition” of the Mike that I’m told will sell from $770-$890 price point.

I’m told that the microphone has a dynamic and condenser element plus a 9 band EQ built into the base, and also I was told the following

Other included features are; recording and playback capability (20 seconds), to confirm the audio tonality; large red TX LED indicator; large graphic equalizer and frequency response scope LCD display with anti-reflective coating; headphone jack; touch PTT keylock; Built-in low-cut filter to shape the low frequency response; Cannon-type XLR output plug connector; and Audio output volume control for headphones. Two screwdrivers are included to precisely adjust the graphic equalizer and microphone gains.

But we are talking a microphone that starts at €685 till €792 / £585 till £676 which is based on current exchange rate and is a staggering price. But I suppose break it down as two elements, EQ etc then could become more bearable.

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