What’s In My Sky?

A lot of people have asked me what base antenna I use these days. Recently it’s a revolving issue. I’ve used the Antron99, President Himalaya, Sigma Eurocomm 5/8, Sirio Gain Master HW and soon in the sky for first time here will be the six year old Imax2000 from Germany.

I never used it in Germany or here. I don’t like them actually as my location is poor and I find them to whip rather a lot. But as low height here I thought I’d try it for the Alfa Tango World Radio Meeting September edition and see how it works.

Im not sure how well it’ll work, but like the bandwidth. That’s key for me really.

So I’ll try it during WRM September and then guess it’ll return to its box. Awful lot if people swear by them, I’m just not sure how it’ll fair here that’s all. There is a Tesco nearby that throws noise at me so don’t want amplify that.

TX for WRM: President Lincoln II Mike: EC-2002 Tuning “Konektor5000”

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