President Lincoln II + 12/10m PC Mode

I’ve been contacted by some people asking about the fact that I didn’t show the radio in PC mode so there was something strange about this as showed it on air and inside etc. Hm ok below is the PC mode working with the AT-5555 programming cable with a from the box + Lincoln II (A different Lincoln II +) as test mode isn’t enabled.

There is and will be a dedicated cable for the micro USB on the back of the radio so there is no need to open the box and detach cables from it in the general scheme of things. My PC is running the Windows 10 “Anniversary Addition” and there was need for a driver, this came via the device manager feature on the PC.

As you see there is nothing strange, the radio has a serial number, it exists, the radios are in Europe and in some dealers and others further away takes longer time as distances involved. It has a box, same microphone 6 pin electret as the other radios from President and the sticker and the manual etc. Nothing is different, the radio is a release one. Remember this is the “second” radio that I’ve seen so far,, so they’ve got to be out there! This has not been export enabled so far and the last one was remember…

*Figure out export mode* Meaning I’ll program it with software and return with a video.

Just proof they actually do come in a box to the guy in London who emailed me to show the box!

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