Budapest Bang

Thanks for messages here, via BBM and Facebook. All fine and ok. The incident was around 1km from where I was at the time and never heard any noise, any sirens actually nothing at all and only learned about it via online news channels and newspaper articles.

Police still investigate, streets closed and two police officers hurt one more serious than the other. Cause could be a gas explosion. News @11.00 still no official information on exact cause. There is no confirmed link to any terrorist group at the moment and investigation continues.


Two Police hurt, one seriously

Nothing decided on what cause is

No comments at all from police or sources

Streets closed, buses diverted, people still away from there homes in the area

Nails were found near the area where the explosion was

But when you see the entrance of where it was supposed to happen the damage appears to show the blast was outside as the metal grill on the building is bent inwards and not out so what happened was outside it appears..
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