President Lincoln II + “Inside Out”

I’m asked about the conspiracy that I didn’t show the insides of the radio. I have in some other posts, then I’m asked about the radio being the same as the Alinco 135UK (clearly and painfully not true) Guys please, if you don’t have one, never bought it then you don’t know what it is or isn’t, you don’t know it is rubbish as some say. You’ve got to have it to have an opinion and not a keyboard and guesswork.

I’m sorry that I can answer every single question, but again below are the inside photos. They look similar to the last series, but it isn’t the last series radio I’ve photographed it’s the + so more thoughts I have tricked anybody. Below is a + version top and bottom board

Enjoy the hobby, use it the radio or loose 27Mhz. Enjoy the photographs as requested.

Test Mode: I don’t know it, was not told it, have not seen it happen or have the modification here. I have the software to program the radio, it’s in the modification area and also I use the 5555 cable and fit it direct to board and not via the micro USB on the back.

Exact wording from email:

This  week you’ve added an article about the Lincoln II + and trick us by showing the inside of an Alinco on the blog, we are all not so stupid. We notice.

Reply: Should have gone to specksavers as the insides are of the + not an Alinco.

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    • Hi Simon,I fully sympathise with you About the negative comments and Blatant disrespect,I for one will miss The blog,it is for sure the no1site for all The latest up to date info on this great Hobby of ours,You will be missed by So many for sure,Best wishes Simon.


  1. Hi Simon,dont worry they just want to wind up the wrong way with stupid comments like this and get a reaction for theyre own benifit and gratification with a IQ of zero,If they are so smart where is their website showing different,in theyre tiny little brainless minds thats where,your doing a great service for free and at no cost,doing a good job Simon.


  2. Hi Simon,

    It is sad to see that people without any knowledge are commenting on your valuable info.
    Too bad.
    Keep up the good work though.



    • Hi Rob,
      I think the blog will walk into the distance end of December. I’ve wrote it’s fair well and I’ll try do something inside CB and not waste time where some with just rudeness write to me!
      Thanks for all the great news and help



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