Thunderpole T-2000 & Radiozing Modified Superstar 3900 Working On 27/81 UKFM

Thanks to Stephen H for the news of the link and also thanks to Mark DrAwesome who I know spent the time, the money for the radios and get them on the web. Being an “owner” and not someone whose not bought anything gives him automatic right to comment on his kit.

I’ll start with the Thunderpole T-2000 which is a multi norm radio.

Next up the Radiozing modified Superstar 3900 which they sell in two versions. Version A: Comes as standard and B: Comes with UKFM board fitted. Remember to check which version you’ve gone for as some email me about no uk40 but they’d bought the standard version.

Thanks Mark DrAwesome for your time and energy in making and uploading the videos

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4 thoughts on “Thunderpole T-2000 & Radiozing Modified Superstar 3900 Working On 27/81 UKFM

  1. Hi Nigel to answer your question
    My 2002 Superstar 3900 (old version), The SWR knob does pull out..
    Going back to 2002 this was usefull, bacause the knob was used to add the channel expansion.

    When I bought the 2 newer latest versions of the Super Star 3900 last week, they have a different pcb main board, than whats in my 2002 SS 3900.
    The SWR knob does not pull out, on the 2 newer versions, I have, thats why on one of them, the combination of the NB/ANL & the tone HI/Low switch was used, on the UK40FM SS 3900 from RadiZing.


  2. Does this version(old) of the Superstar 3900 have the SWR that pulls out? if not, I think I would fitting one to simplify the UK40 mod thus retaining the NB/ANL function.


  3. yes thank you mark for the very good videos and hope you have many great contacts and one day we might have a good contact, and thank you Simon for adding the video and I hope to buy one very soon a great radio.


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