Albrecht AE-6110 Another Modification Surfaces This Time On eBay 

Thanks to Uwe who sent me news about a radio that he’d seen on eBay and asked me whether I’d heard or seen it. This is again the AE-6110 with 20w AM/FM with better modification achieved and the interesting part is the external signal meter adapter included.

I think the mods have to be all done but yet more keep coming. If you’ve got a radio with something different modified then let me know and I’ll share it with the world here.

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  1. I’d love to know how they pulled off 20 Watts on AM…

    I can see a 20 watt carrier, but that would be around 80 Watts (Peak To Peak) at 100% symmetrical Modulation.

    I found out the stock audio section can only modulate a 5 watt carrier to 100%, any more carrier than that was under modulated…. I still stand by the saying: No O’Scope photo; no proof.

    It is the same in the USA with the guys claiming a 3 watt “Dead Key” and 40 watts of “Swing”… that will look like a picket fence on a scope…. if it will not modulate clean, round positive and negative peaks, then keep it off the air


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