President Lincoln II + At Knights £249

News landed at Wizard towers about a new arrival with Dougie at Knights. I received an email from someone who pre-ordered a + not PLUS and I’m informed shop was full! News leaked they arrived and pre-orders and walk in customers had arrived for the radio. On the box it’s + not Plus written……

Export Mode. That old story again rears its head. Yes it can be done and it’s not as easy as before I’m in favour of this 100% as too many know or think they know all so your dealer will need do it for you. Don’t ask me how it’s done as I can’t tell you. 

People make many guesses online and none are right.. Please stop asking me as I’m not going to respond on this subject. People messed up radios in engineer mode (v3) so can’t help you I’m sorry. Meaning you play around, you bust it. Nothing to do with me.

Knights Link:

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