President Lincoln II + Software Goes 1.01

Thanks go to Mark DrAwesome for the news that the new Lincoln II + programming software has now gone to version 1.01 and it’s available to download from the President website. He’d emailed them and they sent him the software so that’s all good really.

I’ve no idea what the changes are so don’t ask me! Without Mark I’d not known they even had updated it. Could be drivers, functions, features or simply a more stable version? Who knows what it is:


When you check the INIT section of the program on your hard disk it shows on v1.0.0 May 2016 as the initial data timeline and on v1.0.1 it shows September 2016 in config files so seems just usual progress along lifecycle of the radio.

I’ve got some mails asking about the v3 and when I reply they tell me it’s the +. I’d say this version would be better known as V07 or V08 as development has gone along a lot further than was on the V3. So if write to me please call it the + as you’ll get different answers about the v3 to the +

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