Baofeng DM-5R Software & Manual

Many asking about this radio and indeed some asking about programming, software and other matters to do with this radio. It’s not actually my thing but I’ll supply you the link for the software and the manual for the radio, the rest I know almost nothing about it.

So the software can be supplied on the link here and the password is 123456 so remember this: and the software comes supplied as a rar file plus the manual is here: And that’s all I have for now, please check other blogs for the latest news and views as this isn’t my speciality or interest in radio really.

I’m told the next link is the best place for DM-5R news and I thank Choi for his help

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3 thoughts on “Baofeng DM-5R Software & Manual

  1. Hey Simon,

    Do Well thanks, Hope you are as well, Would love to see some Propagation come back on 11 meters.

    CHIRP Runs great with my UV-5R V2+, the DM-5R looks to be the same radio.

    Of course the other part of the thought is the CHIRP is free, and the designers take requests… so you get what you pay for!


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