President Lincoln II + “After Initial New Smell Wears Off”

People know me very well I think. If something is less than par for the course then it needs to be shouted from the highest hill with the biggest antenna and amplifier. So now as the new smell wears off and the daily listening on air has started it’s time for an initial talk about the +

I’ve made contacts to Germany 13EK013/P, 13AT041 and to Greece and France and all liked the strong audio and clarity of the audio on SSB so it’s not possible to say otherwise than this. Signal Meter: It was hyper active on the original Lincoln II and then made more static in later versions up until V3. I’d like in firmware to make it an 80% similar to the CRT 6900N as it’s active but steady, looks normal(ish) and ssb in nature fluidity is the key. This V007 new + needs this. Not crazy active but not so static as now: Talkback: Level1 is too low and Level2 is already loud. Connect to external speaker and it whistles with feedback on standard microphone so if use a power microphone or other it’ll make a lot of noise. Power: Nice, no complaints really. A few added watts and they make a difference. Sound Quality: No complaints at all, less robotic, less sampled than the older initial release and on a par if not better than v3. Alpha Channels: On the radio it can make via channel change 535,545,555 etc and on the microphone press up and goes 535,555,565 etc and misses the Alpha. Easy to change down the line, just picking errors to pick them. Echo: When you want to upset G4’s on 10m the echo sounds fine, strong and no troubles at all plus adjustable via software on PC. Addition of 12 metres: Great idea, works and sounds good. I think first ever radio to offer it from President.

Now Question & Answer Time:

Lincoln II is expensive I’ll wait till an Anytone comes with 12m as cheaper

Not going to happen. I’ve spoken to Qixiang and was told “No Anytone will come below 25.6”

I’ve a warranty seal do I loose warranty if I break seal to program it

I’ve no warranty as looked around inside mine. Better buy a cre8900 cable and use this don’t loose an expensive radios warranty by breaking the seal. Leave it sealed

It works well (in my hands and location) so all fine. I’d like the above issues addressed but guess that isn’t going to happen as emails go unanswered. 

Thanks to 21TM116 and 21FOX310 for the CEPT SSB QSO and indeed need speak further from the Mike as pops when too close on gain 47 out of 56. But thanks really your help was great, also 13HN152 thanks for the chat, great to hear you.

Tests onward now but initial result is yes some small bits could be looked at but as far as mine goes at my location it works best of the lot. Better than low noise Grant II Premium, better than V3. Of course results are personal per location but at my location I can hear more voice even when low down than I can on V3 so makes it a winner for me as low signal seem a speciality here at the moment.

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11 thoughts on “President Lincoln II + “After Initial New Smell Wears Off”

  1. As I have seen my name mentioned regarding the mod, I too won’t be posting it on the internet.
    Sure it took me whilst last Tuesday to work it out , but the Dealer is the best option on this one.


    • Yes your mentioned Dave as a first adopter of the radio. These days sadly too much talk even by those who tell me they’d never buy it but need the mod.
      Dealer safest and indeed easiest way


  2. And how long before someone figures out the mod and posts it on the internet? Companies are deluded if they think they can keep something like that secret. BTW, removing the warranty seal has no legal standing, they have to prove that you have done something to the radio to cause a failure.


    • I get advance info from dealers etc. 1 dealer told me mod and told me keep quiet. Blog needs dealers and resellers for news and info.
      Sure delboy or M0OGY or others can post it, I can’t as mentioned before.


  3. yes see what your saying simon harder the better, and radiozing sell them modified and exported and say on vfo mode you can get the uk40, seems a good idea and better then going in and cutting this and that as thinking there is all pay off some mods might let in all the noise that’s all ways out there and seems to be getting worse I think this noise is there to get every one of uk40, but that’s just my thoughts


    • The fact is this, I know the modification (via a dealer) and I was told to say nothing. This dealer has helped me, supplied information and offers good technical insight. SO, I can’t go against his wishes.

      But the fact now it’s way different is good, and I hope the start of a new time when the radios are not so easily done. Agencies look at blogs, forums etc to “see the secrets” so making them harder is a good start.


  4. Thanks for the insight on the Lincoln + but how does one get the radio into export mode. I have just ordered mine from Knights so I should get it by Tuesday


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