M0OGY(M Zero OGY)  President Lincoln II + Next Videos

Thanks to Dave for the message and below are the next videos in his series showing the new Lincoln II +. This time it includes 11m RX and some 10m stuff. Note his incredible low noise when compared to my location which as you see by the difference is an ultra noisy place.

Now to the most important stuff and that’s the links for the videos:

So now you can see what it’s like and the decision is yours. 

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4 thoughts on “M0OGY(M Zero OGY)  President Lincoln II + Next Videos

    • Generally it is as the logging software is set up for it (I have been involved in SSB field day for a number of years, so no novice) but read the notes below the video it was a special event station in the end.Regarding the radio,to me the Yaesu FT840 is a benchmark.


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