President Lincoln II + 1.0.1 Is Extended Memory Mode Software Ultimately **Updated**

Many asked, Many told me stuff that I wasn’t sure about so I’ve sat and checked out about the software and what it can do and can’t do(yet again) Guess my thoughts will upset some people but that’s what radio is about. It’s about the good, the stupid, the ugly and the waste of time

First of all don’t break any seals on the radio, use the CRE or Stryker data cable. I asked 3 dealers and they told seal gone, warranty gone. How it is legally? I don’t care at all. So that matter is out of way in my opinion

I used as I told before the AT5555 programming cable, I’ve no warranty so loosing it is ok.

Can you program channels and bands? No you cannot. The software is really an extension of the menu of the radio for the best part and so no “you can add the muppets on it” only via sit and change some band how you want it is suppose ( on the radio but I’ve not tried it as not interested )

Can you program 0 ending frequencies as a memory channel in the software?

This is so stupid words cannot tell here! Go to memory features and set for example M1 as Band A channel 12 and in the window below comes 27.555 and change this to a 0 (zero) ending and it defaults back to 5 ending with no apparent way to make it a zero ending feature.

No Alpha Channel on the microphone but direct channel change YES

Strange indeed too. Radio changes 535, 545 and 555 on the Mike and 535, 555 and 565 on the radio but doesn’t feature the A channels. It does have the 10khz button on it of course but should be possible on the microphone too my opinion.

Renaming of a Group

This appears you can change so if want Band L as A and Band B as E it appears you can do this within the software.

So you cannot program channels, you cannot add 0 ending frequencies in the memory via the software via PC (I can’t do it on my software) and indeed the software is a simple extension of the memory features.

Stuff that needs changing 

A) Needed to be able to change frequencies in the software

B) Needed to be tested more, it’s got errors, behaves strangely and weird command features in some operations 

C) No need for added memory functions, need real radio functions inside


It’s free

It can change during the cycle of the radio, just needs some features added so that’s fine

You couldn’t pay for it as it isn’t worth it

But I’ll be the only one in the world that doesn’t see it as excellent so I’m not actually going to add more to the list of changes needed. My time costs money plus I’m not customer care. I’ve answered now over 200 emails about this radio and if you need a reality check guys. I asked direct to France a few things and they didn’t answer me. So don’t think we chat regular. It’s one way, when you ask and they ignore. And yes, I can pass comments to Qixiang but remember the project is ODM and they never will say anything, they don’t even acknowledge they make the radio. So doors close! If you need real PC usage then this isn’t the radio for you. It will not do as you want it to do at the moment not in v1.0.0 and now not in v1.0.1 either.


Please don’t email me more about the software. Please don’t ask questions, need to know then please go and buy the radio. Just President this year I’ve had 2,385 emails. Modifications I’ve had 3,810 mails and that’s the start of it. Free customer care ended here. Actually if you need to know the truth I’m almost sick of radios. Normal day to day takes hours, CB Q&A takes hundreds of hours. Address the makers please onwards.

Just think if I charged just €2 per mail I answered as takes time, energy and often long explanations to get to the end result, plus some write follow up messages with more stuff needed.  2385 x €2 = €4770 and modifications 3810 x €2 which reaches €7620 Add to this sometimes I need ask at Sirio, RM and other places and all takes time, energy and more time. 

I’m working on an email directory so you can contact all resellers directly and this will I guess be published towards end of year or maybe in January as the sole page left on the blog.

Software / Design Issues / Thoughts / Why you don’t like it.

You need this email:

When get the answer you need and want to share it then please do. It’s only with thanks to Mark DrAwesome that I for one knew there was new software out there.

I asked about the software, No reply. I asked are older radios firmware updatable? No reply

Can signal meter etc be rectified via a firmware update. More fluidity. No reply

What’s been changed, i.e. The change log. No reply

Remember guys and ladies. I’m just a pain in all the asses of President, they think that if they don’t reply the issue goes away. I tried, I failed is the very best answer. GPE USA / Iberica are examples of great and helpful people. In France 99% I’m ignored when ask stuff so it’s hard to help you more please understand me.

There were comments about “Test Mode” it’s just a word and nothing particularly strange. You can also call it rU, export, full open it’s just a name nothing else. And for export mode far too many guesses and far too many wrong ideas and thoughts.

** Now more of the radios are starting to appear on dealers shelves the emails start coming. From Poland, United Kingdom, Germany. All same, President missed the point of PC software. Please mail them, they will ignore you like some people are telling me via email they are being ignored. I can’t help you I’m sad to say. I think it needed changes, be tested in advance, discussed but it wasn’t. I just can’t help you.. My patience and free customer care expired already.

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  1. thank you for your time Simon and I see what you mean endless emails and phone time. but when do you get time for your self and family ,give me the old cb any day less complicated and less of a head ache take care best regards Stephen H


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