Anytone Road Blues V2.5 Negative Display

One months ago the people at Konektor5000 came up with a President, I think was a JFK II with a negative display. Not content with that it seems they are back with the Anytone Road Blues v2.5 (Anytone Apollo chassis) with now also negative display as an option

I know from last time some couldn’t see any reason to make it. But that in itself is the reason. It can be done so why not do it!

Looks a great idea and I’m supposing it can also work on the Anytone Apollo 1 and also the CRT Mike too

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3 thoughts on “Anytone Road Blues V2.5 Negative Display

  1. I find that the display is at its clearest when looking at a 45 degree angle(tilting away) from you. this is the only downside to this radio I find. other than that I find it ideal .


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