Icom IC-7300 Firmware Update V1.14

Something new for those who have this super looking radio. Thank you to Toshi whose kindly sent me a link to allow a new firmware to be added to the radio. Below the usual link where to find the software and how to safely install it into your new radio

Improvements Found in IC-7300 Firmware Update (Ver.1.14) 

• Spurious signals in the fixed mode spectrum scope screen have been reduced. 

• Flickering of the spectrum scope screen has been reduced. 

• Accuracy of the spectrum scope in CW mode has been improved. 

• Frequency response near the edges of the spectrum scope has been improved.
Other resolved issues 

• “CI-V USB →REMOTE Transceiver Address” setting problem has been corrected. 

• Unnecessary OVF indication at the end of a transmission has been corrected.
Important Note

Before you install the firmware, download the installation guide using the link on the firmware update page, or from the site support webpage.
To update the firmware 

• An SD card or an SDHC card is required. 

• Format the card in the IC-7300 before using it for the update. (First, save any data that is on the card, if necessary.) 

• Unzip and save the downloaded firmware file in the“IC-7300″ folder that is on the card. 

• Save the transceiver’s data onto a separate card before the update, as it is possible that your data could get lost or corrupted during the process. Thoroughly read Section 8 (USING AN SD CARD) in the FULL MANUAL for details. 

• Thoroughly read Section 15 (UPDATING THE FIRMWARE) in the FULL MANUAL before starting the update. 

• Never turn OFF the transceiver power during the update. 

• The firmware will be updated to the following versions. 

Main CPU: 1.14 

DSP Program: 1.07 

DSP Data: 1.00 

FPGA: 1.13

Firmware Link: http://tinyurl.com/z9y5h54

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4 thoughts on “Icom IC-7300 Firmware Update V1.14

  1. No Issues with the 1.14. After some measurements there is no more sensitivity in the front end with OVF. Theres only a longer “stay on” instead of flickering OVF Sign. 73


  2. I have this radio, and have rolled it back to 1.13, There could be a problem the 1.14 update. Reading on the 7300 user Pages, it seems to have made the front end much more sensitive, its causing front end to over load, with the Preamps switched on. So a lot of owners have reverted back to 1.13


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