DrAwesome Shows His V3 Against New President Lincoln II +

Thanks to Mark DrAwesome whose wrote me an email and is leading the fight to get the Lincoln II + software changed. He is already in contact with President and we wish him well and success. This time he has released Part 1 of a 3 part series on his new Lincoln II + which came from Dougie at Knights

Mark is an early adopter of new equipment so is quite right he can comment on it. This blog and others receive many ignorant and sometimes illiterate comments from people who don’t own but stamp their feet the most about how bad something is!

Mark writes as follows:

3 videos done, and edited

First Video (Uploading While I Type)
Maximount Universal Mounting Bracket (fits most Mobile Radios) from Knights

Second Video

Look at The President Lincoln II v3 & President Lincoln II+ (Part One)

Third Video

Look at The President Lincoln II v3 & President Lincoln II+ (Part Two)

Both PLII’s bought from Knights

Subscribe to Marks channel and be the first to see the new uploads. Thanks Mark for all you do for this hobby of ours. Equipment for none of us is cheap! Wish you lots of success with the radios and with GPE.

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