Team Expert1 CB “November?” 25w In Ham Mode?

Thanks to the two dealers who’ve wrote to me about the Team version of the Anytone Apollo II which will also be dual voltage 12/24v and come menu driven and pan-EU settings for multi-norm and expected 4/8w in export mode with the usual facilities onboard the radio.

Absolutely I’ve no idea if come before or even later as last news was the radio “should appear alongside release of Apollo II during October” But as with many radios and antennas expected dates often end up irrelevant and completely useless. But I promised to share news when I knew it and latest is maybe last week of October and onwards into November.

Note Ham Version: 28000-29.695Mhz 25 watt power Interesting News even got me as I was told 4/8w export mode so maybe different in game mode maybe?

UK I guess try Sigma Eurocomm in Birmingham as a Team Electronics Reseller

And of course just because dealers tell me something doesn’t always need to be right!

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