President Lincoln II + (The 2400th President Email Lands Asking For Help)

Today the 2,400th email arrived at President customer care Budapest. I’ll answer it here but on this model it’s got to be the last reply. When I’m paid to answer or “guess what President think” then I’ll continue onwards but for now am over Lincolned to be honest with you. So you want to ask me stuff, and indeed Dez email 2,400 gets his answer down below here

Why isn’t there a software 1.1 now with all updates?

What updates? It programs the radio with memory stuff and that’s it job. It’s my “thought” that to allow frequency to be programmed to the radio it would need some internal firmware changes and not just software. But could be wrong

Send me the export modification and sharpish?

I don’t actually have it “written down” as you asked for it. To end any speculations “YES I know it in last week or so” But to save damages to radios by the google engineer business I’m not releasing it. Actually my advice would be to President make it harder still. Too many idol talk about cut wires and move jumpers. Make it a lot harder. But they don’t read or reply 

What do you really think of the radio?

You asked! Actually I think it is a step forward and a large step. Addtion of a few more watts, more Mike gain, more rf gain, better way the radio behaves. If I had things to say to President I have done already via email AND got not any single reply. Old company around many years, don’t like big changes, don’t like reading stuff is bad (none of us do) don’t like it when users of the stuff 38 years tell facts from a users side! And you can’t please all the people all the time. For those who spit venom I got more emails about the Grant II being good from version v1 than I ever did on the others. So the moaners moan and those who are happy are often quiet and nothing to say.

A) Asked about signal meter .. No Reply

B) Asked about software and so did DoctorAwesome .. No Reply

C) Asked about any changes that could be made to V3 firmware .. No Reply

D) Asked about McKinley USA and EU (photos etc) .. No Reply

Check the blog some weeks back, replies still in cyber space not answered

Are President going to rise prices even more?
Ask them! All I know is that the $ against the € gets less. So you need more €€ to get the $$ you need. So maybe yes!

Mckinley EU

Don’t know! But with Jackson II (needs change) Grant II Premium, Lincoln II + is there a need for yet another SSB to sit on the shelves. Better release a SSB radio with detachable head and add stuff people really want. Better than same old ass with new head on it. But if can’t make it well just don’t make it at all. Learn from mistakes, listen to people, try think out of the box. In 2017 when this blog is a memory, maybe someone else can take up the fight for decent stuff.

You speak with Qixiang, tell them get radio sorted fast!

I talk with Qixiang every week. BUT we discuss actually Anytone brand. President is contract and NOTHING talked about. We talk about Apollo II (since 2014 and over 1500 hours on air with it) But I don’t see any finished versions at all other than the Apollo II so the crt and others I never see, never talk about, never ever mentioned actually. BUT I did have many an email about the Stryker SR-447HPC II with Stryker directly about things on the radio. But last many months nothing from them. So they stopped communicating.

So Anytone radios and hand held stuff YES I can talk about with them, all other matters is under contract and they don’t ever discuss nothing at all. Up to the point of denying being involved with things.

There you have it Dez, you asked and the world gets the reply. I’m transparent!

President have a direct mail account on the site please use it. For me, If you slap someone with a wet cod each time you ask a question no point to ask again. I’ve been slapped 2400 times or more now. So I don’t ask no more! I can’t help when those who know don’t help either guys and girls.

Old Wizard proverb “When radio sells don’t give shit, when not sell worry and speak”

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  1. Excellent post!

    God forbid someone actually research something on their own…. There is in fact more on the internet besides Goat porn!

    Keep up the good work Simon!


    • Great to read you! Hope all ok. Yep customer care closed till further notice. If they don’t care and don’t reply I shouldn’t care and reply. Worked my ass off on these peoples questions etc. Now just need pay for therapy 😊

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