Midland GB-1 Goes 16 Channels

For anyone whose bought the Midland GB-1 and the software there is light at the end of the tunnel. The radio is fully compatible to the new frequencies and they can easily programmed into the radio as when attached to software it is possible to program 440-451Mhz.

Easy to install, takes just a few seconds to get the radio updated to the new specification and of course with the options of high and low power. Mine was programmed with the 16 channels high and again the 16 channels with low power. The drivers are inside the software so no troubles really to install the new channels.

You need simply the badly spelt PRG-CB1 / C-1227

Terrible spelling mistakes in the software but it works of a sort and that’s the most important of all I suppose.

Needs new declaration of conformity to be permitted to allow 16 channels (Mr M Neuner Info)
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    • Hi Bert, thank for writing.
      Yes but slow. As a man I felt sick 😷 so slowed down. Felt slightly better so started running, then got sick more so now I’m grounded inside and quiet. Did you see some GB-1 owners are taking away the fitted antenna and attach pigtail with BNC on end for external antennas?



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