“The Shack” President Noisy Grant II Slayed..

Email 2,403 about President arrived today almost begging my assistance about a noisy Grant II. One of the radios that some had noise and some not. James @the shack can fix them and indeed today he posted his 4th radio where he killed off the mess that was the Grant II 

I’m actually thinking of buying a caravan, park near Balaruc and try snarf some wi-fi. People just keep writing. I’m at the oh boy stage now really. But can’t see people ignored so here is the way to get hold of James and photos above are (c) The Shack!

I’m sure he will help you out: http://www.m1apc.webeden.co.uk/

Sorry you got no replies Jeff hope this can help you a little. Contact James directly please…

Below are James own words:

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