Team Expert1 & CRT-2000 Export Mode To Release It Or Not. Options

I’m asked via contact if I have the modification for the above two radios. Answer is yes and no. I’ve got what I am 99% sure is the modification but I’m not sure whether to add it on the blog here as recently many comebacks about modifications being shown etc.

I’ve the CB mode, Ham Mode and 10m mode with VFO sure it’s correct and not so simple as with the cut the wire gang. I’m going to say I’ll think about it! Blogs have life when dealers, resellers, insiders (I’m no insider anywhere) get information passed onto them. And this trust sometimes cannot be abused.

To dispel rumours: High Power mode is NOT available in CB mode

VFO Mode: Only in rU and HAM mode available 

I’ll think about it today and see if anyone contacts me to ok it or not ok the modification. Sure it will be released online at some stage, and maybe now it is a little premature to do so.

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