CRT Have Software With All The Goodies

Many of you will know that I’ve been involved with the Apollo II variant of this radio now for 12 months. And this afternoon I’ve obtained a sneak peak at the *software for programming and it has all the goodies what the user wants so remember to buy it with the radio. It’s just a look see version.

It’s got the usual programmable Roger Bleeps for example, you can program speaker level, DTMF, brightness of the LED, hi-cut, basically all the goodies what are with the programming software of the Apollo II so it’s not stripped down to the bare bones which some resellers have done recently.

UK users remember my words from March 2016 about the inclusion of AM on the UK settings. As you see from above the radio has it on the inside and in U setting you can access AM and in UK it’s the standard 40 channels FM 

And above the functions of what can be changed with the radio. So you see the difference with the software is staggering and indeed as I said before all the goodies are left on the inside and nothing has been stripped off. That’s sadly why it is sold and not a free version of the software.

Before you ask me:

No! Don’t have and have not seen the Team version or the CRT radio in reality. I’ve seen and tested the Apollo II H version and that’s that, not any of the other radios at all.

*Software was from EU supplier

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