President Lincoln II + Software Won’t Change

Guys & Ladies here is the answer for the Americans, Poles, Brits, Germans and others who’ve asked my thoughts and help about Channel edit on the Lincoln II + I’ve asked at a President company and the answer it’s here to stay as is, no changes happening at all

So I’ve asked on your behalf. I promised Mark, Przemek, Gary, David, Stuart, Edward and others I’d do it and I have. Market reaction is good so no need to change what the market is happy with was the basis of the reply.

Mark DrAwesome also asked on your behalf too. The reply!

“You are right, you cannot change the frequencies with the software, only rename the bands.

Right now we cannot give any information about the future evolution of the radio.

Best regards

Groupe President Electronics”


I respect the decision but I don’t actually agree with it. I think it’s the day customers “have it as you want it” radio died! But on the other side it’s needs new firmware, new software, more engineer time and re-released again with new specifications. Maybe it makes the radio which is working very well now worse? There are a lot of things to think about. So, damned if you do change it and damned if you don’t change it.

So Lincoln II + No more change required.

Lincoln II v1 Initial Release

Lincoln II v2 Repaired initial Release

Lincoln II V3 Last Series

Lincoln II + V07 New Release with 12/10m with PC Memory function software

There are radios available with channel edit software in PC programming available. Please contact your dealer for information 

Anytone 5555, 5555N, 6666… Intek HR5500, CRE8900, Alinco DR-135DX, Superstar 6900N, 7900, 9900 and others. Check what’s on the market when you need it

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