President Randy II MP CB Radio

President Randy II has been around for a while now and I received an email from President Electronics Russia of a video they made of the Randy II. Different and why not? Thanks to them for sharing and take a look. Спасибо, что поделился

The radio includes the following features, plus you can buy a battery Eliminator to allow direct use to 12v and fitted antenna socket on the bottom of the Eliminator

Up/down channel selector

Volume adjustment and ON/OFF

Squelch automatic (ASCP)

Multi-functions LCD display

Frequencies display


ANL filter


F function key

Beep Function

Roger Beep

Mode switch AM / FM

Dual watch

Key locking

Preset 19

External microphone plug

External loudspeaker jack

Back light colour – Green

Dimensions H x W x D (in mm) : 120 x 54 x 35

Weight (with accessories): 0.36 kg

Battery pack – high power Lithium-Ion (2100 mAh – 7.4v)

Rubber antenna (20cm)

Wall charger (110v – 220v)

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  1. Top CB handhelds own four of these work well,top notch commercial grade.
    I cannot fault the top grade of these internally and externally.

    Wish list from President requested

    1metre Extra long helical TNC (like Dirland France made back in 90’s)
    Extra Long Center Load TNC black telescopic antenna (cant get them anymore Albrecht\Dirland France)
    AA Dry Cell battery case.

    Be nice to see a UK packaged set with carry case,mobile adaptor included Si.


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