Anytone Apollo II “On Air” *New Video Added*

Dave M0OGY has got his hands on the Anytone Apollo II. This radio comes in legal CB format as the CRT 2000, Team Expert1, Optim Voyager and others whilst it’s high power relative will come into Romania as Avanti (Model Unknown) and Stryker SR-94HPC shortly

The CB versions will run 4 watts in multi-norm versions and a quick easy modification this changes to 4/8/15w whilst the Avanti & Stryker will be variable to 45 watts. So a lot of difference. I’m asked already where M0OGY bought his, please ask I don’t know! Guess would be Nevada will have it (but I don’t know)

And how Dave sounded at the other end of the QSO

People talk endless about how much better this radio would be with SSB fitted. But cost of developing this, resellers not interested to invest in the R&D and a pricing point which would be more than the 5555,6666,5555N and others it wouldn’t sell. Add to this for UK Brexit rises of 18-25% more again would cry “rip off Britain” 

You hear the voices now “I can buy an Anytone 5555 for £130 why would I waste £170 (or more) for this one?” Answer, it’s been taken away to stop you the pain or worry

So, take it or leave it really!! Plus remember it could come either in VHF or UHF format further along the line.

Thanks Dave & Mark DrAwesome for the tip!

For those who need Apollo II Export Mode:

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4 thoughts on “Anytone Apollo II “On Air” *New Video Added*

  1. Thank you very much for your good info.
    I’m waiting this info.everyday
    Please advice good shop available ship to worldwide(I’m live in the Japan)
    Apollo2 is small & good 10meter radios I think


  2. Hi Simon my crt2000 arrived on Friday the 28th of October and well happy so far .the manual is in poor English and a few function that do not work and or not explained in manual ie band and spl.I can only think band is well obvious a band switch and spl mmm spilt vfo when you mod .Audio on both am/fm are good ,power on UK fm is just under 4 watts and on European setting bang on 4 watt fm and according to rf meter and not into a dummy load shows 4 watt to 8watt swing on am.Do I like the radio and will I keep ,yeah looks good and works well so far .73s de Scott 108cb17


    • Hi Scott,

      Try this manual I’m not sure if better or not? And yes the split and band are in Ham or rU mode and disabled in legal format is my understanding. Good that you like it! That’s of course the most important as money spent etc etc
      Hope the manual helps or at least is better or the same?
      Best Wishes


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