Lafayette Trucker Plus €134.95

Also new from K-Po comes the Trucker “Plus” we’ve the specification below with the direct link to the page so you can see what gas changed on the internals of this radio. Like a mid life refresh it seems to add new features and benefits to the radio. All information below

NEW FEATURES (compared to Lafayette Trucker 5770420)

Same din size with powerful front panel speaker in shorter body

12/24 Dual voltage and high impact die casting rear panel

38 CTCSS sub tones support

Adjustable 3 levels ASQ sensitivity

Existing Features and Functions
Large scale, easy reading stn LCD display

Display and keypad backlighted with two selectable colors (green or amber)

Frequency and channel number display at the same time

Europe multi standards support: EU, PL, DE, UK

In dash mounting kit + standard mounting kit support

AM/FM selector + menu function

Scan + memory scan function

Emergency channel 9 + 19 access support

5 Memory channel support

ASQ (auto squelch) by actual audio responsive squelch system

Led indicator for RX or TX

Built–in automatic noise limiter

More functions in menu:

– Beep sound on/off for all keys

– Roger beep on/off

– Two color LCD backlighting ( green & amber)

– Dimmer and bright control for LCD brightness

– 3 level ASQ sensitivity control

High quality condensor microphone with CH up & down and ASQ backlighted buttons.
Technical Specifications


Transmitter: Crystal Controlled Pll Synthesizer

Receiver: Double Conversion, Superheterodyne System

Voltage Operation: DC 13.8V /24V

Temperature: -10°C to +50 °C

Channel Number: CE Multi Standard Support

Channel Step: 10 KHz

Dimension: 115 (D) x 178 (W) x 50 (H) mm

Weight: 820g (Main set only)

Output Power: AM 4W/ FM 4W

Frequency Range: 26.565MHz to 27.99125MHz for CE Multi standard

Frequency Tolerance: +/-200 Hz

Modulation Sensitivity: 6mV (1.25KHz INPUT)

Modulation Capablity: AM : 85%FM : 2 KHz

Frequency Range: 26.565MHz to 27.99125MHz for CE Multi standard

Sensitivity: AM : 0.5 Uv (S/N 10dB at 30% MOD)FM : 0.20 uV (SINAD12dB at 1.5K DEV)

Tight Squelch: 1mV

Auto Squelch: 0.3 uV

S/N Ratio: 40 dB

Distortion: 3%

S/Meter (S-9): 100 μV

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