Three New Galaxy’s On Video? *Updated Thanks To Carmen*

A video has appeared online showing possibly three new Galaxy radios coming soon. They are the DX55F, DX66v2 and the DX86v (AM/SSB)and if the video is true then it appears the DX55F looks based on the Qixiang 6666 chassis. Nothing confirmed of course it’s now just a video

From what can be seen all radios are AM based with one having SSB. If you know better then please let me know

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  1. The Galaxy DX86V that is in America is AM/USB/LSB plus 3 additional bands in addition to USA CB 40 Ch. It has 3 identical transisors IRF529’s one is the driver the other two are finals. The board in ours has a conformal coating on the top side(very shiny almost looks wet) which is not the norm for Ranger in the USA.EPT099910A is the board number for the USA spec. model. rms power on AM is about 20w peak is about 50w-60w SSB PEP is about 55W-60W. These numbers are stock out of the box.


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